Build muscle, halt and even reverse the negative effects of aging at any age!

Ok, so you’re getting older…

But you don’t have to surrender your health and freedom as you age! All people lose muscle as they age, starting as young as 30 — if they fail to do something about it. That’s called “sarcopenia.” Bone density lowers as well. That’s “osteoporosis.”

Those conditions are why some elderly people look so frail and move about painfully. The process accelerates in every decade until by the time your 70 or 80, you’re very weak.  But you can reverse this process starting at any age. And all you have to do is put in a little effort on a consistent basis.

You can defy age and live strong!

Our generation used to be the most fit in history — remember? But today, we face a health crisis. Experts say we are the most fat, least fit generation in history. Obesity and Type2 Diabetes are reaching epidemic levels. As we age, we can lose as much as 25% muscle mass by 70.

To be blunt, our generation is in deep sh#t. But we can change this. We can halt and reverse these negative effects of aging. All it takes is a little effort of the right kind.

That’s what I’m offering here — help on how to do it. Please read on because this can really help change your life for the better. There is no sales pitch at the end or price to pay.

at happened to us? We were never going to get old the way our parents did. Remember? They never did any exercise and smoked, drank and ate poorly.

Meanwhile, we invented Jogging, Aerobics and more.  Arnold is one of us. Remember Jane in spandex? Tennis, Racquetball, Rec Leagues for Softball and Basketball. That was us.  We did it all, back in the day.

Then something happened. Careers, Kids, Grandkids? Social Media? Who knows, but the fact is that we are now the least fit, most fat generation in history. And the experts say we are also going to live longer than any previous generation – thanks to modern chemistry, not good health.

Know what that means? We’re going to roll into our golden years as big blobs of hunched over frailty. It’s going to be a challenge just to get up out of a chair and shuffle off to the bathroom.

Who wants that?

We can take control and enjoy a much higher quality of life as we grow older.

My name is Brian Patterson. I’ve been training now for more than 50 years. For most of that time, I followed the traditional progressive resistance method, in which you continually add heavier and heavier weights to your lifts.

Well, in my mid-50s, that got to be too much strain on my joints and I had to quit lifting or find a better way. I found the answer…

In fact, there’s a great way that just about anyone can do. Lighter weights with higher reps, 30 – 45 mins per workout, 3 – 4 days per week. Let’s face it, most of us are not capable any more of flipping giant tractor tires, climbing walls or trying out for American Ninja Warrior.

Still building muscle at 65 in 2021

We aren’t kids any more

We need a way to workout that recognizes our joints are sore and not as pliable as they once were. No Pain, Just Gain! We need a way that you can do easily at home with inexpensive gear or at the gym. It’s gotta fit our schedules and can’t take hours at a time.

As it turns out, you really can get fit, or even build serious muscle, without spending countless hours in the gym beating the crap out of yourself. Recent study after study has proven this method works for women and men of any age — starting at any age, even 90. 

Here are a few comments from fellow Boomers who’ve been to the site:

“Hi Brian,

Just wanted to say thanks, I came across your articles on the web and it has motivated me to get into weight training, I’ve just turned 60, and although not over weight ( apart from the belly) I I have lost most of my muscle tone and I am embarrassed .

Thanks again mate”

John S.

“Hi Bri,

This is great advice. As a health and wellness specialist, I know that diet and exercise plans must be suitable for not only for different ages but men and women too. It’s nice to see someone recognizing that we all have different needs and exercise is not a case of one size fits all.”


“Hi Brian,

I found your website while searching for maintaining or building muscle after 60. I am 61 and have been working out since my twenties and have progressively been losing muscle tone gradually over the years. I like your system and thoughts on less weight and working until exhaustion. I would like to try your 4 day a week workout… Thanks”


“Hello Brian,Thank you for sharing this info. I have tried to liftt before but did not have a specific plan. I even got rid of my weight bench.I have lost 20 pounds and have 5 to go. I need to strengthen and firm just about everything…Thank you!I am hoping you can help me get firm and shapely”SincerelyDeborah M-E


Wow! Thank you so very much for your quick response.

The information you provided helps a lot and I am anxious to get started on the 4 day work plan. I will take it slow as you suggested and work up to the reps and sets. Thank you for clearing up my confusion on the cardio issue as well.

Again, so glad that someone like you is finally able to get past the hype and get to the real method that works for the boomers. Looking forward to some good gains using your plan.

Thank you again Brian,”


“Hi Brian,

Your site has been a big help to me. I’m 67 yrs old and I’ve been working hard to gain muscle. Your advice and tips have made a difference in my approach. Thanks. Keep sending all your great tips.”

D Cutillo

Please browse the site. Check out this post on how you can Build Muscle After 60. In addition, there are tons more posts on the site including recommendations on Products I trust and lots of  Free Workout Plans. All focused on people our age. You really can reverse the negative effects of aging. I recently posted on my progress in Rebuilding Muscle after Knee Replacement. If you’re going through it, or know someone who is, please share it.

Feel in control of your Physical Future

Be Stronger

Look Sexier

Tell ‘Old Age’ to go to hell

Live these as the best years of your life

Full disclosure: I am not a formally certified personal trainer, exercise physiologist or nutritionist. However, I have in nearly 5 decades of training, learned a lot about building muscle. Specifically, I’ve learned how we can build muscle around some key challenges like:

  • Aching sensitive joints
  • Nagging injuries and pains
  • Hectic schedules

We’ve all lived through a lot by this age. I’ve been through major knee reconstruction, a heart attack and 3x bypass, colon surgery and more. Nothing has to hold you back. As long as you’re healthy enough to exercise, you can halt and reverse many of the negative effects of aging.

We need a method that works for us. Something we can actually look forward to doing, vs dreading. A workout that can be done in a reasonable amount of time without insanity or pain. It’s really not rocket science. In fact, there are 5 Keys to success – and if you follow them, you will see results you can feel right away.

Click the Pic below to get the 5 Keys to Building Muscle at Any Age You’ll get immediate — Free — access to a video and e-booklet checklist on the 5 Keys, plus an e-booklet that summarizes studies by the Mayo Clinic and major universities on how and why using lighter weights really works — especially for us. You’ll also read about how resistance training has been proven to help halt and even reverse the negative effects of aging on a number of levels — even genetic!

I was interviewed by Fitness Toplist about this site and my background. You can read all about it on Fitness Toplist.