is devoted to helping baby boomers build muscle and defy age. We can beat age-related losses and live strong!

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This site is devoted to helping Baby Boomers build muscle, pure and simple. By building muscle as we age, we can beat back the negative effects of aging on our bodies and grow stronger.

​Our generation used to be the fittest of all. We invented jogging, aerobics and more.  Arnold is one of us. Jane in Spandex, Vic Tanny, tennis, rec leagues... remember?


We didn't trust anyone over 30. We were never going to get old the way our parents did. And they rarely did anything physical.

Then something happened. Careers, kids, grandkids.  Here we are now, the least fit, most fat generation in history. We can change that, and we don't have to join a High Intensity Bootcamp to do it.

In fact, there's a great way that just about anyone can do. Lighter weights with higher reps, 30 - 45 mins per workout, 3 - 4 days per week.

You really can get fit, or even build serious muscle, without spending countless hours in the gym beating the crap out of yourself. Recent study after study has proven this method works for women and men and for virtually any age.

In fact, one recent study looked at men and women in their 90's and saw them make real gains.​

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My name is Brian Patterson. I'm in my early 60's and have been strength training since I was 12, nearly 50 years of experience. Along the way, I've collected my share of 'issues.'

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Debilitating surgery to my right knee in my early 20's, heart attack and 3X bypass in my late 40's, colon surgery in recent times and lots of little stuff in between.

And finally, self-inflicted pain in my shoulders from decades of heavy bench pressing. I realized I could no longer lift progressively heavier weights. I had to adapt to a new way or quit training entirely.

I found a gentler way that builds muscle better than heavy weights -- and can eliminate the joint pain that super hard training can cause.

You don't have to become muscle-bound, unless that's your goal.  This method works, whether you just want to tone up, or pump up those guns to impressive size. 

You need to do this... If you don't build back the muscle aging is taking away, one day you may wake up frail and hunched over, struggling to move about. It does NOT have to be that way.

We never thought we'd grow old, but it's happening. You can't stop that, but you can reverse much of the negative effects. You can make your life better... numerous recent scientific studies have proven there are powerful physical, mental and even sexual benefits to resistance training. 

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You can do this. Start by taking advantage of my free offer and learn the 5 Keys to Feeling Stronger Right Away. These 5 Keys can supercharge a workout and produce results you can feel immediately.

Sign up here, and you'll get the 5 Keys - no obligation - right away.​

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