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My name is Brian Patterson. I want to help you defy and even reverse the negative effects of aging.About Brian

BoomerMuscle is designed for Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers over 40. That’s the age when our bodies begin to deteriorate and our muscle atrophies at an ever increasing pace each decade.  If we fail to work against those forces, we will eventually become frail and weak, losing more than half our muscle by 70.

It doesn’t have to be this way. And you don’t need to join a boot camp and beat the heck out of yourself to get great results. Let me ask you something: Do you ever wonder what happened to us — the Baby Boomers? We were the biggest and the best generation ever. We were never going to grow old, either. Remember? We used to think 30 was an old and untrustworthy age! Today we find ourselves getting older. It is happening. And today, we are in worse physical condition than our parents’ generation. And they never did anything physical except hoist cocktails!

We, on the other hand, invented aerobics (remember Jane and spandex?), backpacking and granola, for gosh sakes. We were healthy as heck at one point. But today, experts say we are now the least fit and fattest generation ever. Us, the generation of eternal youth. Flabby and frail. And I hate to say it, but we are old and we ain’t getting any younger. Harsh things happen with aging if you don’t fight back.

Have you been to a senior home lately? Sarcopenia (muscle loss), osteoporosis (bone frailty) and shrinking height happens to so many people. And it doesn’t have to be that way. You can age strong and tall with a little effort.

Full disclosure: I am not a formally certified personal trainer, exercise physiologist or nutritionist. However, I have in nearly 5 decades of training, learned a lot about building muscle. Specifically, I’ve learned how we can build muscle around some key challenges like:

  • Getting older
  • Working around things like aching joints
  • Injuries and pains
  • Long, hectic schedules
  • Little free time

You can do this! Don’t listen to that little devil on your shoulder saying that you can’t. We’ve all lived through a lot by this age. I’ve gone through major knee reconstruction, a heart attack and 3x bypass, colon surgery and more. Nothing has to hold you back. As long as you’re healthy enough to exercise, you can halt and reverse many of the negative effects of aging.

Me at 60 in my basement gym

Me at 60, getting sweaty in my basement gym

We need a workout method that works for us. Something we can actually look forward to doing, vs dreading. A workout that can be done in a reasonable amount of time without insanity or pain.

We are in a health crisis. And thanks to modern chemistry, we are slated to live longer than any other generation in history. Let’s go forward walking tall and feeling good.

You can defy aging and build back the muscle nature is trying to take away — without insanity or pain!

Please, if you have any questions or comments, fire away. I’d love to connect. Drop a comment below or send me a note:

Let’s do this!

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