Build Muscle Resistance Bands

Build Muscle with Resistance Bands

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An entire home gym in a small bag

Price Range: Typically in the $30 to $50 range.

Resistance Bands are a great option for anyone who does not want to join a gym or who can’t afford to outfit their home with lots of traditional equipment.

Plus, you can pack your entire gym in a small bag and take it with you anywhere you go. Today’s resistance bands are really quite remarkable.

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Bicep curls with resistance bands

One of the things I like best about them: they apply continuous resistance to the targeted muscle through the entire range of motion. That’s ultimately what builds muscle — constant tension.

In some ways, bands do it better than conventional weights or machines. The reason? It’s much easier to ‘cheat’ with weights.

It’s easier to get sloppy with a barbell and — instead of keeping constant tension on the muscle — let gravity take over at times to lower a weight. With bands, the tension remains even and constant.

But wait, you might be thinking these things are too wimpy to really build muscle. Well, not so fast. There are all kinds of resistance bands available, even some heavy duty versions that pack a lot of resistance. Plus, you can use more than one band at a time, allowing you to quickly and easily increase or decrease the tension.

Personally, I use both traditional equipment and bands. I’ve been at this for a long time and have gathered lots of gear over the years. But if I was just starting out from scratch today, I would opt for a set of bands. For less than $50, you can get what amounts to an entire gym worth of exercises. You can always add to your collection from there.

I have 3 sets at home that both my wife and I use. They all provide a door anchor device that allows you to use the door as mounting place to anchor the bands. We use our heavy front door, with a deadbolt lock, when we work out.

Most all will come with the necessary attachments: Door anchors that allow you to use a sturdy door as an anchor point for a wide variety of exercises. Ankle straps for lower body work and handles for upper body exercises. And you can adjust the amount of resistance by simply attaching more bands to the handles.

Check out my favorites:

Koyto — Beginners and intermediate. A great all-in-one package that includes shorter bands to focus on lower body exercises and all the accessories and handles you need. Includes an e-book workout manual. Typically lists for just under $50, but you can usually get them for under $35 on Amazon. Click the picture at left to see the latest price:

Pinjian anti-snap resistance tubes

Pinjian anti-snap resistance tubes

Pinjian — Beginners and intermediate. Heavy duty, made from quality rubber latex. Set includes Door anchors, Ankle Straps, Foam Handles, a Chest Expander, Exercise Guide and a storage bag. This set does not include shorter bands, just one length. Typically lists for just under $50 but can be usually be found on Amazon for just under $30.


GoFit Power Tubes

GoFit Power Tubes

GoFit Extreme Pro Gym Set — Advanced and experienced. These are more hardcore for stronger bodies. Has 4 bands that go from 20 to 50 lbs of resistance and can be combined for up to 140 lbs. You can also add to this set ala carte and purchase bands rated up to 100 lbs resistance. So, even if you’re experienced and pretty strong, this set can provide more than enough challenge to your muscles. Comes with a nice, laminated workout manual. Does not include shorter bands, just one length. Typically lists for more than $56 but can be found on Amazon for just under $50.

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