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Easy to follow workouts you can do right now. Includes how-to instruction and usually includes diagrams.

Fastest Way Build Muscle

fast muscle model t

Let’s face it, the fastest way to build muscle is to take illegal steroids, spend countless hours in the gym and gorge on humongous amounts of food and protein supplements. We’ll get to the fastest way to build muscle in a sane and natural way in a moment. But first, let’s dispense with the idea of illegal […]

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February 24, 2017

Best Ways Build Muscle

Brian Patterson in gym

Lighter weights with higher reps is among the best ways to build muscle — if not the absolute best way — especially if you’re north of 50 in age. It’s becoming the consensus opinion among experts (lots of links below to studies and articles). And its pushing aside the old school belief that only heavier and heavier […]

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January 25, 2017

Muscle Pump Workouts

The legendary “Pump.” That amazing feeling in your muscles as blood rushes in and tells you its growing. Muscle pump workouts are the key to growing new muscle. I’ll reveal the secrets to how you do it in a moment. We are going to pump you up First let’s set the stage. Arnold Schwarzenegger first […]

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