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Products I trust and believe in

Born Tough Workout Shirts

Wearing Born Tough’s workout shirt in my home gym. I hate articles that beat around the bush, so I’m going to get right to the point. I was asked to give my honest impression of Born Tough’s workout shirt. To my complete surprise, I really like this shirt. It’s super light and breathes freely. Best […]

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Strengthen Your Grip

Build it with these Tools Grip strength is often over-looked in many training routines. Grip training strengthens your fingers, wrists and forearms, which will give you faster overall results in the gym because you’re better able to hang onto weights. Plus, studies have shown grip strength to be a solid predictor of overall strength and […]

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Sheik Weight Lifting Gloves

Sheik weight lifting gloves are the best available. Thanks in part to their unique ‘finned’ finger design for easy on and off. These weight lifting gloves are comfortable and durable. I’ve been lifting for more than 50 years now. In the early days, I didn’t wear gloves. I’m not sure they were even around yet. […]

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Best Protein Build Muscle

Best protein build muscle

Whey is the best protein to build muscle. That’s a fairly universal point-of-view. But you need to use caution when looking for a specific brand. Muscle building supplements are a huge business that is largely unregulated by the government. Many supplements are snake oil scams and not worth your money. Some are downright dangerous. Let’s […]

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