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February 6, 2017

Exercises to get rid of Man Boobs


Here’s the bad news: Under the search category “Exercises Man Boobs,” there is nothing that will magically transform man boob fat into chiseled muscle. Ignore hype to the contrary. It’s B.S.

The good news: There are exercises you can do to turn the muscle beneath those ‘moobs’ into firm, hard pecs. And combined with diet to lose overall body fat, you can definitely make those Man Boobs go away.

The only real question is you. Are you willing to put in some effort to feel much better about yourself?

If you’re still reading, I’m going to assume the answer is at least maybe. Please finish reading this article, it will give you the guidance you need to lose those moobs.

I Know From Experience

That’s me above on the left in my 20’s, weighing 330 plus with a huge belly and man boobs.

That’s also me below, in my early 60s, and a more svelte 265. Still not exactly ripped, but much better shape.

Let’s face it. Some of us are pre-wired to carry more body fat than others. It’s a curse I’ve been dealing with my whole life. I’m a big person with lots of muscle mass after 48 years of training.

I’ve always had a layer of fat to contend against. I’ve shed most of that extra weight from my youth. And I can tell you from experience that there is only one way to do it (short of plastic surgery).

Steer clear of articles on the web that promise you can turn that fat into muscle. It’s not biologically possible to do. And you can’t spot reduce fat. Anybody who tries to tell you differently is taking you for a ride. Steer clear.

Note: you may want to rule out gynecomastia. This is a hormonal condition. The body produces more female hormone (estrogen) than male (testosterone). It can be a side effect of certain medications or other issues that your doctor can treat. The link here will take you to the Mayo Clinic page on gynecomastia, where you’ll find guidelines on when to ask a doctor.

Man Up, Lose the Fat

You gotta drop the weight. This is your life we’re taking about. Do this for the sake of your loved ones, your heart and other vital organs like your kidneys. Do this to loose that fat and shed those moobs.

I’m not a dietician, but I’ve always found dieting to be mostly a matter of awareness and discipline. You don’t have to starve yourself or skip meals. You do need to mind what you’re putting into your mouth and how much.

For the most part, stay away from trans fats and limit sugars and carbs.

Check this post for more detail on managing your diet. And remember, you simply can’t spot reduce fat. Your body doesn’t work that way. It’s all or nothing. Beware anybody trying to sell you on a different notion.

You can include some cardio to help burn calories if that’s what you prefer to do. Understand, though, that Resistance Training has proven superior to anything in terms of burning calories. Starting a solid, whole body resistance program like the one below is a great decision.

Pop Those Pecs

You’ve all seen those guys on TV trying to impress people by ‘popping their pecs.’ Pretty obnoxious, right? Well you don’t have to make popping your pecs a goal, but you will be able to if you follow a pec-building workout routine. 

Your pecs are you chest muscles. Right now, they may seem non existent, but trust me, they’re there. And combined with fat loss, building them up will produce dramatic results in the way you look and feel.

Here’s the hard part. Dude, you have to workout on a regular basis. Not just your pecs, but your whole body so you burn those calories and get in good shape.

Here’s a workout routine with simple diagrams on how to. You’ll see “Chest” is called out for one of the four day sessions. I designed this workout to be super simple. So that you can do it anywhere with minimal equipment. You can do all the exercises with Resistance Bands alone if you choose.

If you belong to a gym, or own a your own gear, you can perform these movements on machines or with dumbbells. If you have nothing, pony up and buy a set of Resistance Bands. They are very inexpensive and today’s bands are great — like a whole gym in a small bag. You can get a great, whole body workout with them.

Your muscles don’t have any brains. They don’t know or care how you create the tension on them, they only feel that you’ve done it. It can be in a multi-million dollar gym or in your basement with bands. Doesn’t matter.

Give the workout routine a try! Remember, it will take some time. Everybody loses weight and gains muscle at a different pace. Make this part of your lifestyle and schedule. The workouts don’t take a lot of time, 30 – 40 minutes. But the results for your life can be huge.

You can do this.

I’d love to hear your experiences in battling the Moob. Please chime in below in Comments. Or feel free to drop me a line at: Brian@BoomerMuscle.com

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I've been resistance training for nearly 50 years. As a younger man, I used to believe in using ever-increasing amounts of weight. Until one day in my mid-50's, my aching joints could not take the punishment any more. I had to develop a new way of working out that was effective, but free of pain. I found it. It works great. I'd like to share it with you.