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Review: Best Home Leg Press

Powertec Leg sled

The Best Home Leg Press — Powertec (P-LP16)

I’m a big fan of Powrtec equipment. I own a Powertec Multi-Gym system and a Powertec Leg Press (pictured to the right). Both are absolutely outstanding pieces of equipment for the person who works out at home — and sometimes alone.

Safe, sturdy and flawlessly smooth operation defines Powertec gear for me.


Also, you’ll find Powertec is the best buy in home leg sleds with 1,000 pounds of weight capacity. You may say you’ll never need that much weight, but it is also a sign of how well the machine is engineered and made. Most sleds that are rated in this range go up well over the $1,000 range. The Powertec can currently be found for under $1,000.



Another view of my Powertec sled

This Powertec sled has 4 weight “horns,” two up and two down. This design very nicely balances the weight.

The sled features what Powertec calls “industry leading carriage roller design” for very smooth operation as you press the weight up and down. On a leg sled, there’s nothing worse than sticky operation or jerky motion. This sled moves smooth as silk.

I’ve used vertical leg presses in the past, and found them to be very jerky and not smooth. Smooth operation is key to a good leg workout so your focus can stay on the muscles you’re working — not on the piece of equipment.

There are “safety levers” on each side of the sled that act as your spotter. These can be flipped over to stop and hold the weight. The handles that operate these are where you place your hands so you can quickly flip them over to hold the weight in place. The levers are made of some serious steel, very solid but also very easy to use.

The padded seat is comfortable and puts you in a reclining position with great back and neck support. You feel the resistance where you want it to be — directly on your quads — rather than straining your back as you might in a hack squat position.

In other words, this is a very nice setup for us older folks.

Powertec says:

powertec“The Powertec Leg Press incorporates a revolutionary carriage system for the smooth weight training experience. The height tensile strength foot plate is driven by a roller system that incorporates 8 bearing driven nylon reinforced wheels for the ultimate in stability, smooth function, and strength.

The Powertec Leg Press weight training incorporates the high level of quality and function that could only be found in commercial weight training equipment into home and studio gym equipment at an affordable price. By utilizing their decades of experience of building strength equipment for the US market, Powertec have become leaders in the home gym and plate loaded machine market.


  • + Industry leading carriage roller system for smooth operation
  • + Redesigned dual safety levers
  • + Four weight horns with max total capacity of 1000 lbs.
  • + Large foot plate to provide wide spread support

NOTE: Sometimes Amazon lists this item as not available. It may or may not be in stock when you check. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. You can go straight to Powertec, where it is also on backorder. I’m assuming it’s because this item took off in popularity and they can’t keep up.

Check this great leg sled out on Amazon:

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What Powertec says about Powertec Fitness:

Leverage weight training equipment is simply the best method to strengthen and develop your body in a safe and controlled fashion for every type of user. Leverage machines combine the feel and results of free weight training, with the safety and control of a machine.

Powertec has gained a very strong following of repeat customers of their weight training equipment. The Powertec Leg Press is carefully designed and engineered to be precise in motion. Powertec came from a commercial weight training equipment background so they have many years of experience in building strength equipment for the US market, widely recognized as the most demanding market that accepts nothing less then perfection.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on leg sleds and Powertec. Please share in comments below. Or drop me an email:

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