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January 23, 2018

Muscle Building Inspiration: Matt Parisi

Need a little inspiration? Check out Matt.

He’s the guy pictured on deck this past summer, fishing for tuna off Gloucester, Ma. He’s got a great build. Check out those traps, delts and arms.

Would you believe he’s 68 years old and has only been training for a couple years? There’s even more to Matt’s story.

Matt Parisi last summer fishing tuna off Gloucester, MA

Three years ago, Matt had to undergo emergency surgery for internal bleeding. Wound up taking 2 operations and he was unable to eat solid food for 6 months, relying on a tube for survival. His weight dropped to 129 pounds.

But he recovered. As soon as he was able and on his feet again, he started working out and re-building muscle. Today, he’s 170 pounds and looking great.

Matt visits BoomerMuscle for ideas and inspiration. I think his story is very inspirational and wanted to share it with everybody.

Matt is living proof you can build muscle over adversity — at any age.

Stay strong, Matt!