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December 2, 2016

Motivate Yourself – Work Out

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There is a growing body of research that says most people prefer a workout routine done solo versus a group or class setting. There are lots of good reasons why, especially when it comes to resistance training. You are the best one to motivate yourself and direct your work out.

In an online survey conducted by Reuters in recent years, 77 percent of the 1,200 respondents said they prefer solo. Running and Resistance Training were their top two workout choices.


Or Solo?fitness-956647_1920-1

There are definitely some types of workouts that are more conducive to a group dynamic. Aerobics, Pilates, etc. But when it comes to things like Resistance Training, its like the Rolling Stones said:

“Hey, hey, you, you… Get off’a my cloud. Don’t hang around cuz two’s a crowd on my cloud, yeh.”  – The Rolling Stones, 1967. “Get Off My Could”

Since our focus at BoomerMuscle is all about Resistance Training, let’s talk about the benefits of going solo:

  1. Music: You choose your own soundtrack. Music is a critical motivator for a good workout. You should take a little time to build your own favorite playlists with the tunes that help drive you. For a kickstart building your own playlist, check this out.
  2. Mindfulness: Your workout time should be totally selfish. A time to meditate and get in the zone. That’s best done at your own pace and direction.
  3. Schedule: Everyone’s lifestyle these days is hectic. If you control your schedule, vs. trying to make sure you meet a class on time, you can better manage your time.
  4. Accountability: In the end, your success is on you, not a group or a coach. If you learn how to motivate yourself, you’re empowered.
  5. Stress Relief: Whether it’s from not worrying about how you’re dressed compared to others, or just getting off on the release of (click for more on) endorphins, being alone with your own music at your own pace can be a nourishing experience.

In that same Reuters survey, 26 percent of respondents said they don’t exercise at all. Given how critical exercise is to us, especially as we age, there’s lots of speculation why people don’t or won’t.

Here’s my list and what we can do about the thoughts holding us back.

fuchsia-633645_1280If you’re nostalgic for a shot of the Stones and want to hear the original mono version of “Get Off My Cloud,” click here for a YouTube vid.


How do you like to workout; Solo or in a Group? Please share in comments below. And/or drop me a line at: Brian